Residential Property Investors in Orland,FL

Real Estate investors come in a wide variety of personas. They have different goals and different
financial restrictions to work with. Typically, an investor falls in one of these flavors:

  • Buy bank-owned properties for dimes on a dollar. Fix, sell and make money.
  • Buy distressed properties on Courthouse steps. Fix, sell, and make money.
  • Buy properties in high-risk settings for rental with intensive property management.
  • Buy properties in low-risk settings for long-term rental with soft property management.
  • Buy properties with personalities for rental, and leave professional property managers to manage.
  • Buy properties as REIT (real estate investment trust) in corporate settings, for long-term rental and value appreciation.
  • Sell rental properties the investor has been holding on to, to pull equity.
  • Sell rental properties when the seller is changing over to other investment strategies.
  • Buy a residentially zoned lot from a developer or in the open market, build a home and sell.
  • Buy run-down property in an upcoming area, demolish and build a new home to sell.
  • Foreign buyers and sellers of properties who want to take advantage of current
    market conditions.

Properties with Rental Personality
From the variety of investors listed above, it is presumed that you are a passive investor who has long
term strategy to park leveraged money in residential properties and hold them for their rental revenue
potential and equity buildup.
A real estate professional will work best to find such properties listed for sale for the investor to
purchase, and help the investor for immediate rentals.
An investor would prefer to invest in such properties that:

  • Have plenty of life left before obsolescence.
  • Are in areas that are up-and-coming, buzzing with life.
  • Are in great demand by dependable renters in middle-class income, who may be potential buyers in the near future.

An investor wants to know the ROI (return on investment) – cash on cash.

To get the answer to this key question, an investor should always look for a professional Realtor® who not only has the local knowledge to find the right properties and their rental potential but also to assist
the investor in retaining the services of a reliable professional property management firm for security, care, maintenance, and management.

If you are in the market to make an investment in residential real estate and generate a steady income stream, Orlando would be a great choice. Look this over :Orlando Metropolitan Area.

We have put together an Excel spreadsheet for you to serve as a template for analysis of potential rental properties. Download this file to check your interest. It is a great time to make an entry in the Orlando market.

Illustrative investment analysis of Short-Term rental zoned properties vis-a-vis Long Term rental potential in Orlando Metro Area, Florida.

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