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For homeowners, motivations to sell your home property typically fall in these categories:

  • You want to relocate within the same town
  • You plan to relocate to another state due to a change of stage and mode of life.
  • You want to downsize or upsize your home property.
  • You have some life-changing event in your life that is compelling you to sell the home you have been living in and resolve predicaments you have run into.
  • You have run into a financial situation that selling your home may substantially help you for betterment in your life.
  • You have emotional reasons to sell your home and move on elsewhere.
  • You have grown richer or are earning much more and you want to live is a more prestigious locality and neighborhood to enhance your social standing.
  • You just want change in life.
  • You have rental property or properties that you want to turn over for profit or roll over for other properties

Whatever your reason may be, you want top dollars for the sale of your property and move those dollars elsewhere for a more enjoyable purpose. You probably have a vague Zillow idea of what your property may sell for, but you do need a Comparative Market Analysis of your property to price it accurately and appropriately to attract the interest of the buyers. We’d be glad to do this for you when you have set your mind to sell. In the meantime, get to know what will the selling costs be, and what you are likely to walk away with. We have put together an Excel spreadsheet below for you to help your self to figure out your tentative expenses to sell.

Download Seller’s Estimated Expenses

Download Home Seller's guide