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Business Brokerage Services

Business Brokerage Services - What we can do for you What We Can Do For You

You have accurately reached this site in search of information and guidance that you probably need either to sell your business or to buy a business in Florida, USA. We are based in Orlando, the place of destination for theme parks, education, medical facilities, and growing businesses. Whether you are in Florida, or across the world, we are here to assist and help you to sell or to buy a business in Florida.

Scope of our business brokerage services ranges for sale and purchase from small main street businesses to medium-size businesses. Generally, medium-size businesses have an interest to expand by acquisition of a similar line of business, or shed a line of businesses that to make the whole operation more productive for an array of reasons. For a medium-size business, market forces may suggest merging with another business to reduce competition, or become more competitive. A business that has roughed out difficulties keeps its success story in its shell of secrecy. If you are in the selling mode of your moneymaking business, our brokerage services will capture the secrecies of your success story to market and sell your business. If you are in the buying mode of a profitable business, we apply the same philosophy for you, break that shell of the success story of the seller, and measure it out.

At SUNRISE BROKERS, we bring buyers and sellers of businesses and real estate together in best of their mutual interests.

Listing Agent Services

For the seller of a business, with or without real property, it is the active production of income by a combination of its owner’s sweat, toil, tears, capital tied up, and the money turnover. It is the profit generation from the business that the seller is selling and a buyer wants to buy. A clued-up business broker intermediary will place the business right in the market and watch out for the large flavors of buyers to filter them.  The direct contact of the seller with a buyer may hurt the dignity of the seller and worth of the business with an attitude of the buyer offering a dime for an asking dollar. A buyer always wants to know why the seller is selling a smooth and profitable business. This is where our broker services provide the seller with shield of confidentiality and privacy of the business style. On the same note, the buyer too needs confidentiality of his or her purchasing power and finds protection in the interface of a broker. Our role is that of a facilitator for both parties.

The seller generally pays fees to the listing agent who lists business for sale, with or without property, and invites cooperating buyer’s agents to bring qualified buyer(s) to the listing agent to make the sale.

Buyer’s Agent Services

Whether you are a buyer of a business, commercial or residential real estate, or a combination of them, we offer you personalized services as your confidential agent. The scope of these services may range from your exclusive buyer’s agent to a ‘limited services agent’ where you are the finder of what you are looking for, and we provide professional services to advise, evaluate, negotiate, coordinate, and bring it to close.

If you retain our services as your exclusive buyer’s agent, we will enter into fee agreement with you for engaging our professional services. This is, of course, on the case-by-case basis of what our involvement is.