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Business Immigrants…

E-2 Visa

For the immigration aspirants to the United States from countries which have treaty arrangements with the United States, category of E-2 visa offers a great opportunity. We have profitable businesses on sale for you to buy and start your living on Day One. We will help you to find the right business for you, and maybe able to get you to get a conditional commitment letter from the seller of the business you make offer. This will enable you to start the process of obtaining E-2 visa in your home country.  The requirement of investment is nominal.

We’d suggest you search the web for information, and particularly stop by  EB-5 Visa

If you have over a million dollars to bring to the United States from anywhere in the world, come with your family on EB-5 visa. We are here to find a running business for you to buy and take off. Times are favorable for cash investors who have entrepreneurial capabilities to help grow US economy and employment. We will assist you in making your transition smooth. We can help you connect with an attorney in this field for help you file your paperwork.

We strongly urge that you must apply your own due diligence for your investment decisions.


We are in Orlando, Florida to help you in your relocation plans to the US by helping you to buy businesses. If you wish to select any other state of the United States for relocation, we will connect up there for local assistance to you. Briefly, we can coordinate purchase of running businesses and your settlement in the United States.